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  John Scaffeo Concert ! 
 November 8, Sunday 2015

4:00 PM - Admission charged 

From Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada:
2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

John is a sensational award winning solo artist who can make his accordion sound 
pretty much like any instrument he wants thanks to today's technologies and any style 
of music you wish. John also plays with a duo and trio as well.

John Scaffeo has played at many different venues around Thunder Bay and the District over the years.  
Beside performing at weddings, banquets and other social functions, he has also played for 
The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and performed at Magnus Theatre 
as well as the Lakehead Choral Group in such renowned plays as 
"Edith Piaf" and "Fiddler on the Roof".
Even though his main instrument is the accordion, 
he is the organist at St. Elizabeth's Church. Performing is what he does best 
and you can also catch him playing with "John Wayne and Friends" 
and "Quest".  In 2002, he won the ensemble competition at the 
American Accordion Association in Minneapolis and in 2007 
was one of 3 Candian finalists in the Roland V Accordion Competition. 

web site:



September 19 Ethnic Evening: Latin and Tango  7:00 PM
Music, History, Songs and Legends, Food and Jam Session (?)
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome


 July 18-21 Accelerated Accordion Repair Seminar  (PDF) 
Advanced piano accordion repair seminar: tuning, machine alignments,
bellows, cosmetics, much more. 4:00 PM July 18 until noon July 21.
$350 per person

ARTS Enrollment Agreement !

Pre-Registration Signature Forms !



 July 18-20, 2015

(Approximate times)


In order to cover the many topics below, we must work quickly. 
Slower participants may not be able to complete each procedure. 
Questions and individual concerns can be voiced wherever appropriate to the current topic. 
Reference materials should be studied between sessions and overnight. 
Library items may be signed out for overnight only. Purchasable items must be paid before removal from building.


Saturday July 18, 2015 General Diagnostics of Maintenance

6:00 PM Meet participants
Introductory remarks

Handout seminar book

Introduction to workshop tools

Helmi disassembles and explains sections of a piano accordion

Participants choose an accordion for parallel diagnosis

Diagnose treble problems of an accordion

Determine what must be done vs. what could be done

Estimate time / cost

Basic maintenance cleaning procedures demonstrated

Test for gasket air loss

Wipe-down surfaces

Clean keys

Brush out bellows

Check shoulder straps, check brackets

Blow out reeds

Explain reed “block” vs “bank”

Check shifts and slides

Explain in-block slide

Show rasping device

Check bass buttons alignment

Check air button

Preventive care


Sunday July 19, 2015 Treble Section   -   Reeds

9:00 AM Remove treble section

Test reeds by shift

Notate any problem sounds by shift and key position

Explain octave notations (C4, A=440)

Review shift symbols

Treble section disassembly: 

Level keyboard

Remove axle, polish

Remove keys, clean housings, fluff pallets

Replace pallet 

(Rewax pallets)

Clean under-key area

Check shift machine and slide movements

Explain pan disassembly (when possible)

Wash shift assembly

Tone Chamber Issues

Cosmetics:  Replace grill cloth

Buff out scratches (by machine, by micromesh)


1:00 PM Reeds:  Distinguishing treble and bass reeds

Use of cotton gloves

Remove reed blocks

Check for rust on tongues

What to do about rust

Blow out reeds on half-bellows

Correct previously noted reed problems

Check status of reed wax

Remove a reed for cleaning

Observe external plate-mark

Soak in naptha 

Select at fresh leather / or curl to reuse original

Releather over reed apertures, inside first

Rewax over chamber

Reassemble treble section


6:00 PM Tuning procedures

By ear, by provino, by Dirk’s computer program, by electronic device

Sharp and flat a tongue 


Monday, July 20, 2015 Bass Section   -  Bellows   

9:00 AM Bass machine diagnosis

Chart problematic basses

How to find them quickly

Determine by shift and octave

Chart problematic chords

Review chord-pitch charts and sectional organization

How to find problems quickly

Align external buttons

Remove bass section

(use of Silicroil)

Remove blocks

Number from front of accordion

Blow out reeds

Check for rust

Observe leather curls

Notice if objectionable during use

Check wax, esp. on large plates

Check bass machine alignments

Remove bass buttons into holder

Observe pan fixtures

Reassemble bass machine

Bracing the basses

Check bass strap for replacement

Replace bass plate cloth

Reassemble bass section


1:00 PM Check bellows

Replace a gasket

Retape some folds

Replace a bellows corner

Patch leather diamond

Reinforce a “broken” fold

Reassemble entire accordion


6:00 PM Storage, Shipping, Crating 

Question-answer time

How many treble reeds are in accordions of various sizes?

How many bass reeds are in accordions of various sizes?

How many reeds sound when a button or key is depressed?

 July 22-25 Accordionists and Teachers Guild Festival (Lisle, IL)
AWAM Traveling Museum Display
Helmi’s History Workshop: Accordions Sounded on Historic Instruments,
Organological Evolution, Types, Qualities, more
Accordion Concertina Music Band and Students Perform / Compete

 August 22 Ethnic Evening: French and Musettes 7:00 PM
Music, History, Songs and Legends, Food and Jam Session (?)
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome

 July 15 Alex Meixner interview on radio (pending) 

A World of Accordions Museum invites your attendance!

Hello Friends,   
A brief Board meeting should take place at 4:30 on Friday, July 16, 
just ahead of the Meixner workshop and concert


 July 4  Superior Parade – Float with ACM Band performing 
   July 4  Carlton County Historical Society: ACM Band and Soloists Concert
Free and open to the public. Donations to CCHS welcome

 May 23  Ethnic Evenings: (PDF) 

Finnish / Scandinavian 7:00 PM
Music, History, Songs and Legends, Food and Jam Session (?)
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome

 June 20   Ethnic Evenings: 

 Slovenian / Eastern European 7:00 PM 
Music, History, Songs and Legends, Jam Session
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome

Slovenian culture introduced

Shelby and Ronny Setniker – Slovenian Diatonics

Dr. Anthony Bukoski – reads “Polkaholics”

(Helmi plays interludes)

Paul Vargason – plays Yankovic

  Jam Session


May 3 Accordion Concertina Music Studios: Student Recital 
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome

 May 8 HARTS and AWAM display at the Depot, Duluth: Northland History Museums
Coalition event: Discover History Fair. Free and open to the public

Accordion-concertina Repair and Technicians’ School
A World of Accordions Museum

under the direction of
Helmi Strahl Harrington, Ph.D.





FEBRUARY 22, 2015

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

$100.00 per person




Have you ever wondered why some accordions are extraordinarily expensive, and others are not? Sometimes the brand- and model-name really matters, but not always. Some instruments escalate in value comparable to stock-market investments while others only depreciate. How do you know when you have a good one? How do you know what not to buy? What capacities must the accordion have in order to fulfill your performance goals? What can you do to maintain or enhance your accordion’s quality; what should only an expert undertake?

In this four-hour session you will learn about all seven major categories of accordion-family instruments from selected instruments in the Museum collection. You will have the opportunity to learn about basic repairs, tunings, construction refinements, efficiency, and pricing values. You will have the opportunity to experience some of the accordion types, in various construction styles and brands of manufacture. You may bring your own instrument for assessment.


The accordions and concertinas preserved in A World of Accordions Museum show the entire history of the development of the instrument family, the construction types, innovations, tunings, performance capabilities, and content variations. Understanding of the characteristics all accordions have in common, the basic principles on which they work, the component parts of how they work comprise your first insights into repair and maintenance as we investigate chosen instruments.

Students will observe the necessary tools of the trade (bring your favorite hand-tools if you choose to disassemble your own instrument). Topics that will be covered include the following: basic cleaning and maintenance, sectional disassembly, treble and bass machine adjustments, reed waxing and aperture leathers replacement, bellows repair, gasketry, grills, and celluloid/cosmetic work.


Many people have unclear or mistaken ideas concerning tuning and reeds, and appropriate terminology. Students of the seminar discover many factors that are involved in reed-quality classifications and how they affect the instrument and the player. Reed banks vs reed blocks, "dry" (concert) tuning, "wet" (musette) tuning are topics that will be explained. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at tuning a reed.


The class will learn the salient characteristics of the two large divisions within the accordion family of instruments: chromatic and diatonic. Chromatic accordions include piano accordions, button chromatic accordions, English concertina and Chromatic Bandonion. Diatonic accordions include button diatonics in one-row through four-row varieties, Anglo concertina, Chemnitz concertina, and Bandonion. Some of the most popular hybrid instruments will also be mentioned. The five categories of quality-definition, "world-class"- "fine"-"professional"-"intermediate"- "student," instruments will be surveyed, attending to specific criteria of construction and artistic capacities. Basic principles of music theory, directed toward understanding instrument construction, will be reviewed. Recognition of construction eras, brand names and countries of origin will be stressed. Pricing and appraising will also be discussed.

Admission to this seminar is limited. Please register by February 15, 2015 by sending us your contact information and check or money order for $100.00.

SOME SPECIALTY TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE SEMINAR. Our book Inside the Accordion will be available for sale at $10.00.

The environment includes guard dogs and cats.

You may reach the director, Dr. Helmi Strahl Harrington by phone (Museum landline 715-395-2787 or cell 218-393-0245) or by e-mail at .

 A student recital will be presented ! 

Nov. 9, 1:00 PM  

 Recital by violin and piano students of Carolyn Carver ! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

1:00 PM rehearsal

3:00 PM Recital begins

 Accordion Concertina Music Student Recital ! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

1:30 PM entertainment music by Royal Miller

2:00 PM Recital begins

Accordion Concertina Music Studios (Superior and Burnsville, MN) 
proudly announce a student recital to be held at 
Harrington ARTS Center, Sunday, June 22, 2014.

At 1:30 PM, Royal Miller, of Two Harbors, will present a half-hour entertainment, 
followed at 2:00 PM by Paul Vargason, of Superior. 
At 2:30 PM the accordion studio band will perform, 
followed by about two dozen students of varying ages and proficiencies who will play solos . 
The event is free and open to the public.

What:  A Valentine’s Day concert with "Chance" – Ed Willett and Cheryl Leah, 
 and "The Fish Heads" - Kim Curtis-Monson and Mike Monson 

When: February 14th at 7:30

Where: The Harrington Center for the Arts – 1401 Belknap Street, Superior

Tickets: $15 available at the door.

52 Valentines: Collectively, that’s the number of years these two couples have been performing with their respective duos, and this Valentine’s Day they’ll bring the best of their life long collaborations to what promises to be an amazing testimony to the power of music when infused with "a whole lot a love". Certainly concert goers can expect some unabashedly idealized tunes from these writers, songs proclaiming what a perfect partner the other is, but remember, these are couples who’ve played countless concerts together every year for a quarter century! Be assured in addition to Willett’s popular Valentine’s Day anthem, "You and the Moon" there’ll also be a healthy dose of comic irreverence with songs like "If I were your Dog" and "You Generic You" to clear the pallet and get you ready for the next batch of sweetness. Though these four fine musicians have known each other for many years, this will be their first concert collaboration. "I’ve always been fascinated watching romantically involved couples play music together, the subtle but forceful communication, that kind of musical telepathy, finishing each other’s sentences as most couples do, but in the language of music". –Ed Willett

The "Fish Heads" are Kim Curtis-Monson and Mike Monson from Duluth. Together they have performed as a duo for 25 years and collectively have played with various bluegrass bands for over 35 years. This husband/wife team writes and performs Kim's original music on guitar, bass and mandolin. While covering an amazing array of genres you can usually find some classic rock and roll pieces woven into their sets that can include anything from a Beatles tune to one by the Scottish songwriter Van Morrison. Although they are used to being on stage with banjos and fiddles, it's the blending of their harmonies along with the songs they choose that make the Fish Heads a must see. Over the years they have graced the stage of Big Top Chautauqua, opened for greats like Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Charlie Daniels, all while still enjoying the occasional visit to local nursing homes to share their love of music. 

"Chance" is Ed Willett/cello, guitar, vocals and Cheryl Leah/vocals. Before moving to Wisconsin in the early nineties the two were living and performing in Los Angeles where they had met in 85, formed "Chance" in 86, and got married in 87. In the last 20 years they’ve toured their original music from their home base in northern Wisconsin throughout much of the mid-west. Ed and Cheryl are known locally by many for their work as Music Director and lead female vocalist in the house band of Wisconsin’s premier music festival – "Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua". Their music is at the same time intricate and simple, gentle and powerful, thought provoking and accessible. They are one of the few voice and cello duos in the world and theirs is a truly rare and exciting musical experiment. 






 September 14, 6:00 PM
$10.00 admission . 

For more info



"Chance" in Concert

February 16, (Saturday)

7:30 PM

Admission: $15.00

   The Willard Palmer (DH, DMA, Ph.D.) Legacy Display 
 opened at A World of Accordions Museum 
 with Concerts & Speakers ! 

 Thank You to all participants ! 

The Willard "Bill" Palmer Legacy

February 1-2-3, 2013

Harrington ARTS Center
A World of Accordions Museum
1401 Belknap Street
Superior, WI 54880



Download planned schedule in PDF format:  brief version (below) or detailed version.








 Cafe Melange ! 
 Sunday Dec. 9th, 3pm 
  $15, $10 student/senior, $30 family, 
$20 individual with admission to AWAM museum from 11-2 p.m. on the 9th

( click image to enlarge ! )

AOS Cafe Melange 12-9-12a.JPG (179397 bytes)

 Holiday Melange:  Swing, World, and Classic Tunes for the Season !  

 Family Fundraising Concert for Arts on Superior !  

Arts on Superior presents Holiday Melange on Saturday Dec. 8 at 7 pm. with Cafe Melange.  The program will be presented at United Church 531 3rd Ave., Two Harbors, MN.  This is a family program featuring a musical mix of swing, world, and classic tunes for the season. Advance tickets available to  
Tickets are $15, $10 student/senior, and $30 per family. 

Holiday Melange will also be performing at Harrington Arts Center on Sunday Dec. 9, 3 pm.
 Tickets are $15, $10 student/senior, $30 family, and a special offering of $20 which includes admission to A World of Accordion Museum before the show from 11 am to 2 pm.  
Advance tickets available at

Harrington Arts Center is the home of A World of Accordion Museum. 
 If you have never been here, you need to come this weekend with special ticket pricing of $20 that 
includes the Sunday concert and admission to the museum.  
The museum has over 1,000 accordions and their predecessors.  A true gem in our midst! 

Cafe Melange transports you with their music.  Can you remember a cup of coffee in a Paris cafe?  
A glass of red wine in a Latin nightclub?  A pint of Guinness in an Irish pub?  
Their music will take you there again, taking you on an imaginary journey to another time and place. 
 Cafe Melange plays the music we love from the places we love. Their music relives moments outside the daily grind.

To get a taste of Holiday Melange go to, click on the Holiday Music tab 
and listen to three sample tunes.

Hot Cider and cookies will be served before and after each concert.

If anyone would like to volunteer, we could use 2-3 volunteers to help take tickets, serve cider, and other odd jobs.
  Please contact Linda Melcher 651.208.4991 or email








Ronny Setniker:  Button Box Showcase will perform in concert at Harrington ARTS Center, 1401 Belknap St., Superior, on June 16 (Saturday), 3:00 PM. Admission is $15.00 per person.  


Button Box Showcase Concert with Ronny Setniker

Tickets purchased in advance at Harrington ARTS Center: $15.00

Tickets also available through  $18.00


Setniker of Biwabik is well known as Slovenian specialist on diatonic accordions. A featured performer of long-standing, Setniker was pictured on Ironworld USA’s billboard and recorded a CD (Tradition) with his daughters Shelby and Susan. Don Mariucci on drums and Richard Mariucci on guitar will accompany Ron and Shelby at this event, which will be televised.


Additional featured performers will be Rob Dingmann (Minneapolis), Paul Vargason, and Helmi Harrington.




Accordion Concertina Music Studios Band 
will perform on a float in Superior’s
Fourth of July Parade
This is the third year in which performers from 
Superior, Duluth, Foxboro, Two Harbors, 
Burnsville and Fergus Falls (MN), and Austin (TX) join 
for the celebration. The Band will repeat its 
performance at Carlton County Historical Society. 




Alex Meixner and his Band 
In concert at Harrington ARTS Center
July 5 (Thursday) at 6:00 PM. 
Advance ticket purchase 
at $20.00 per person is recommended.


Alex Meixner Band

Tickets purchased in advance at Harrington ARTS Center: $20.00

Tickets also available through $22.00

Meixner has reached star status among multi-generational audiences as a 
Grammy Award
nominee and national entertainer on diatonic and piano accordions, 
brasses, and vocals. 
His repertory covers the gamut between ethnic and pop music. 
Members of the band include Tom Jones on saxes, clarinet, flute, guitar and vocals, 
and Michael Morris on drums and vocals. 

Find more information about Meixner at


Paul Vargason of Superior, also playing multiple instruments, will offer the opening act.  




Accordion Concertina Music Studios presents....

 Students in recital !
May 20 (Sunday) at 1:00 PM. 
No admission charge.


Slated performers are from...
Minnesota (Anoka, Blaine, Burnsville, Duluth, Hutchinson, Lakeville,
Minneapolis, Maplewood, Nebagamon, Plymouth, Silver Bay, St. Louis Park, St. Paul) 
and Wisconsin (Cloquet, Foxboro, La Pointe, Solon Springs, Superior,
Two Harbors, Webb Lake)



Mary Tokarski
Virtuoso artist on piano accordion, will present a solo concert
May 1 (Tuesday) at 7:00 PM. 
Admission is $15.00 per person. 

Tokarski was the USA ’s representative at the prestigious Coupe Mondiale
has performed with major orchestras of the world, and is on concert tour 
throughout the Midwest
In 2004, her K Trio presented the first formal concert 
during Grand Reopening celebrations of A World of Accordions Museum, 
then newly relocated in Superior.


Find more information about Mary on,
and her bio is available here in PDF format.



Anthony Bukoski 
Will read short stories from his “local color” 
books: Between Trains and North of the Port
April 15 (Sunday) at 2:00 PM. 
No admission charge.


Bukoski is a Pulitzer Prize winning author whose works 
are listed at  
A rave review can be found in the 
Star Tribune
, January 29, 2012, Variety section front page.


Bukoski’s writings are strongly influenced by Polish and popular tunes from 
his father’s accordion repertory, simulated between the readings by Helmi Harrington. 
The accordion, now preserved in A World of Accordions Museum, prompted 
his meeting Harrington and her husband and inspired segments of his short stories.



  Donna Regis 

Donna Regis, famed for her work with Tony Lovello (above), 
will perform in concert on
 Sunday, October 2, 2:00 PM
, 2011 

Tickets for $10.00 available at the door.


Oleg Sharov 

  Oleg Sharov  !  
Honored Russian artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, 
will perform in concert on 

  Sunday, July 17th, 2:00 PM
( please note that this date was changed from June 26th ! )
Concert tickets for $15.00 / $10.00 available at the door.
  Masterclass sessions will be at 10 AM ! 
( Masterclass admission is free ! )

 This celebrated Russian Master is not to be missed! 

This event is made possible through cooperation with 
Northern Lights Music Festival and a grant 
from the Minnesota State Arts Board.



  Accordion Concertina Music Studios  
  Will perform !  
 In the Superior, WI, July 4th Parade ! 
They will also  perform a concert of patriotic and traditional music 
at the Carlton County Historical Society at 4:00 PM.




In Concert

Sunday Afternoon, May 22, 2011

2:00 p.m.




New Original Music for Accordion

Popular Music Standards

U.S. and World Entertainment Champion Karen Fremar
Popular Midwestern Ensemble Vivant                                    
Vivant                                                        Karen Fremar




Harrington ARTS Center

Concert Series 2011

1401 Belknap Street

Superior , Wisconsin 54880

(715)-395-ARTS [2787]


Admission - $15 Adults~$10 Students/Seniors


The program includes lively and virtuoso arrangements 
of popular favorites as well as new and exciting compositions
by award-winner Karen Fremar.
Cake in celebration of Helmi's birthday afterwards.


Dr. Bernard Metais...
 visiting A World of Accordions Museum from Paris, France, 
will offer a fabulous presentation entitled 

"100 Years of French Musette" 
at Harrington ARTS Center on 
Saturday, July 3, 2010, 1:00 PM.

The presentation includes videos of historic photos, dances,  
documentation and recordings. 
This event is not to be missed by accordion aficionados, musicians, historians, 
and is of interest to everyone in the general populace. 
Voluntary donations will be gratefully accepted.


HARTS and AWAM are entering a float in the 
Superior, Wisconsin, Fourth of July Parade !!!
We encourage all our friends to come out and cheer!

Concert by Tony Lovello !
 1:00 PM Sunday, June 27, 2010 ! 

Admission $15.00 per person. 
Attached is a review of his previous concert ! (PDF)

An Accordion Repair Seminar is scheduled for April 23-26 !  
Flier attached (PDF).


We're planning a volunteers "Thank-you" gathering for June 26 !
( details later ;- )


Accordion Repair Seminar 
August 2009 !
(click for more info - PDF)

 Learn "hands-on" about accordions & their repair issues ! 
 Limited enrollment available 
 August 9th - 12th 2009 
( Registration & deposit required by July 27th, 2009 )

The 2008 Christmas Recital by students of Accordion Concertina Music
 will be held at Harrington ARTS Center 
on Sunday, December 7, 2008, beginning at 1:45 PM. 

Performers from the ACM studios located in Burnsville, MN, and
Superior, WI, will play a variety program on Piano-, Chromatic Button-, and
Diatonic accordions, English-, and Chemnitz concertinas, and piano.

Special entertainment by Dan Fiskum (noted pianist) 
and Bethel Ensemble will begin the event.

No admission charge and refreshments follow. 
Join us in celebrating the season!

Tony Lovello ! 
Check out his website

In Concert !
 June 22, 2008, 1:00 PM

Followed by preview concert (30 min)  by
Gamle Aker Spelemannslag  (see below - ca. 3:30 PM). 

Admission $15.00

Tony Lovello has been called the 
Liberace of the accordion !  
He toured with the famous Three Suns Trio 
and is a masterful showman !



After Tony's Lovello's performance the audience will have a 
little taste ( a preview ) of
Old Fashioned Scandinavian Dance Music !

They will present a full concert of old-time Scandinavian dance music at 7:00 PM. 
Their goal is to share their passion for this lively traditional music—and to have fun! 
Their skills and enthusiasm have been recognized in many annual festivals in Norway, 
in two previous tours of USA’s East coast, and by the Norwegian Accordionist’s Association, in which one of the members was past president.

Taking their name from the old county of Aker, now incorporated into Oslo, 
GAS translates to "Old Aker Band Players." 
The band has released two CDs: 
"Waltzes, Rheinlanders And Even More" in 2002, 
and "DDV" (not DVD) in 2008.

7 PM, Monday June 23 

Donations ($10.00 suggested)

Gamle Aker Spelemannslag Press Release  ( PDF )

Christmas Recital by students of 
Accordion Concertina Music Studios

(from Burnsville, MN and Superior, WI studios)

Sunday, December 9, 2007
2:00 PM

Featuring Piano Accordions (including Free-Bass),

Chromatic Button Accordions,

Button Diatonic Accordions (Slovenian, Club, Finnish, Bohemian types)

Anglo Concertina

English Concertina

Chemnitz Concertina

Open to the Public

Cheryl Leah and Ed Willet in Concert !


Harrington ARTS Center

November 4, 2007

2:00 PM

See also: 

Performance participation by Helmi Harrington

Henry Doktorski
offers another great concert 
preceded by a lecture/workshop 
on the Deiro Brothers, 
including new music and research ! 

September 16th, Sunday, 2:00 PM !
Vaudeville Accordion Music 

Doktorski’s performance at the Hanni Strahl Concert Hall on Sunday afternoon will feature original compositions of Guido and Pietro Deiro, and will include many of their celebrated marches, waltzes, polkas, tangos, foxtrots and overtures. He is intimately familiar with Guido Deiro's original compositions, as he recorded Guido Deiro’s complete works, Vaudeville Accordion Classics, a double CD set of which was released in November 2003 by Bridge Records. He is currently editing Guido Deiro’s complete works for publication by the music publishers Theodore Presser Company.
Click here to learn more about the two important Deiro accordions donated

Click here for more event information directly from Henry Doktorski's website

Michelle Gribbon and Helmi Harrington 
will be performing at the...
Torke-Weihnachten Shop
Christmas ornaments, collectables & Café 
with freshly brewed coffee or espresso,  confectionary sweets and fine European chocolates!

11 East Superior St., Duluth, MN 
March 18th, 2007 - Sunday - Concert begins at 2:30 pm ! 
Tickets ($10.00) are available at the door...
Reservations are strongly recommended. Components of this program were
performed in Moscow, Russia (Dec. 2005), and in European tour (July, 2006).

  Christmas Recital ! 
 Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006, at 2:00 PM 

 Students performing 
Holiday and celebratory music. 
Free admission !

"Forro For All
Brazilian ensemble

at HARTS, Sunday, 2:00PM, Oct 1. 
Press Release (PDF)

They are the opening concert for 
"Deutsches Harmonika und 

Traveling Museum Exhibits From Sept 28 - Oct.11.
10am to 5pm
$10 adult - $5 children to 12 years

Deutsches Harmonika Museum Traveling Displays 
showing development of accordion-family-instruments from the
       collection of this German National Museum. Here is an once-in-a-lifetime 
           opportunity to view exhibits and speak with experts—right here at your doorstep! 
        Take special notice—mark your calendar!

September 24, 2006 ! 
BEST in the WORLD ! 

Press Release (PDF)

Concert and Masterclass Workshop
Friedrich Lips (Moscow)      &        Stas Venglevsky (WI)  
Masterclass at 3pm
( "Participants" must register by Sept. 20 - $50 )
Admission to observe & listen: $10
Concert at 6pm !
$15 (Adults) $5 (under 12)

Midwest Regional Free-Reed 
Accordion-Concertina Festival 2006 !

August 12, 13 Saturday & Sunday 

10am to evening both days !
$20/day or $10/event

Free-Reed Festival 2006 Schedule (PDF)
(subject to possible changes)

This is our second annual Festival for all free-reed instruments—don’t miss it! 
    Remember how much fun you had in 2005 and how much you learned. 
   The program will be expanded while favorite elements will be repeated.

Museum Tours - Concerts (incl. Ron Setniker, 
Michelle Gribbon & Helmi Harrington)
Workshops - Jam Sessions 

June 23, 24, 25 at Ironworld, Chisolm, MN

 Our Preliminary Schedule ( PDF )

Ironworld USA "Polkafest" (Chisholm, MN). Our 12th year presenting AWAM’s Traveling Museum. Three full days of displays, concerts, workshops, and talking with YOU.

Sound of Strings  Concert !
Our European-Tour Concert
at Harrington ARTS Center
1401 Belknap, Superior
Michelle Gribbon (Violin)

with professional musicians and gifted students !

June 10th, Saturday, 6:00 PM
Donations Welcomed !

 Michelle Gribbon and her "Sound of Strings" performing group including 20 performers (from 3rd grade to professional adult, some doubling as vocalists): cellist/classical guitarist Dr. Carl Passal, pianist/violinist Alex Nelson, 14 violinists, 3 pianists, and accordionist Helmi Harrington in a preview performance of the concert to be toured in Austria and Germany June 12-22. It will also be performed at Ironworld USA’s "Polkafest," June 24.

May 23rd, Tuesday, 7pm 2006 - Chulrua Traditional Irish Music

 - click here for the Poster - and here for the Press Release (PDF) !

Christmas Recitals - Sunday, December 4th, 2005 at HARTS

Program ( PDF )

1:00 Michelle and Helmi Russian Program
2:15 Student Recital (Part One)
4:00 Student Recital (Part Two)
6:00 Carolyn and Helmi Christmas Program

Michelle Gribbon (violin) and Helmi (accordion)
 had a December 2005 concert engagement in Moscow  !
Look for their travel report and more news in our January 2006 newsletter !

January Newsletter (PDF)

November 12 (Saturday) 2005 at Harrington ARTS Center

 Program ( PDF )

Michelle Gribbon and Helmi in Concert 7:00 PM

* This fund-raiser concert is in advance of their performance in Moscow for the 
4th International Competition for Bayanists and Accordionists, organized by Friedrich Lips 
at the Gnessin Institute.  Michelle, whose extraordinary interpretive finesse has earned
 international recognition, teaches a large studio in Duluth, performs with 
various professional groups, and has many significant solo and ensemble tours to her credit. 
Helmi heads A World of Accordions Museum in Superior, instructs and performs nationally, 
and is recognized as an authority in the accordion world. 
There is no admission charge for this concert and the general public is invited. 
Free-will donations will be gratefully accepted to offset expenses of travel.

November 6 (Sunday) 2005

Michelle Gribbon (violin) and Helmi in Concert 3:00 PM

 Program ( PDF )

Messiah Lutheran Church, Mt. Iron, MN
Pastor Kristen Foster 218-741-7057

* Donation to benefit our December performance in Moscow - see above !

Walter Roldán Pereyra (click for info)
presents authentic Uruguayan music & dancers !
at Harrington ARTS Center
October 2nd, Sunday, 2005, 7:00 PM, tickets $15.00

with Scott Jones and Willowgreen
at Harrington ARTS Center
7:00 PM, Friday, Sept. 30, 2005
$15 tax-deductible ticket/donation

 All proceeds will help needy orphans and kids in Thailand

 Music and Comedy! - Multimedia Show! - Wine & Appetizers! - Silent Auction!

 Additional information: and

Concert & Master Class !
on September 24th, Saturday, 2005 by
  Stas Venglevski (accordion)  
& Misha Litvin ( Russian folk instruments - Domra)

3:00 PM Master Class 7:00 PM Concert (Times subject to change)

* Special notice:   Accordion and Domra concert on Minneapolis Cable TV ! 
If you missed the Concert & Master Class on September 24th at Harrington ARTS by 
Stas Venglevski (accordion) & Misha Litvin ( Russian folk instruments - Domra)
with our
Master class accordion students... John Bispala, Roger Schmitz, and Paul Vargason,
plus Joan Grauman, you can tune into Cable TV in Minneapolis (MTN) for:
Part 1 Sun. Oct. 23 10:00 p.m. Ch. 75,  Part 2 Wed. Nov. 2 10:30 p.m. Ch. 75
Part 1 Sun. Nov. 13 10:00 p.m. Ch. 16,  Part 1 Thu. Nov. 17 9:30 p.m.  Ch. 16
Part 2 Sun. Nov. 20 6:30 p.m.  Ch. 17,  Part 1 Sat. Dec. 3 8:00 p.m.  Ch. 17
Part 2 Sun. Dec. 4 8:30 p.m.  Ch. 17,  Part 2 Sat. Dec. 17 8:00 p.m.  Ch. 17
These viewings were produced for cable TV on the Minneapolis Telecommunications 
Network (MTN) by Mark Bispala.  Thank you from all of us at Harrington ARTS !


  First Mid-West Regional All-Accordions and All-Concertinas Festival !

August 20th & 21st (Saturday & Sunday) 2005 at HARTS!  
Plan to come, play, attend workshops, participate in competitions, and meet new
friends in all the instrument-family styles and disciplines.  Dee Langley and Helmi are working
together to coordinate participation by the Minnesota Accordion Club, New Prague
Concertina Club, Glencoe Button Box Club, and studio students, among others.
Help us make the event successful and informative for our region !

Flier (click here - PDF)       Schedule (click here - PDF)

July 6-10,  The American Accordionists' Association (AAA) Annual Competition and Festival at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, Michigan. Festival participants will receive a special rate of $94.00 single-quad occupancy. Festival highlights include... Competitions for all ages - Exciting Workshops & Exhibits - Gala Banquet and much more! Come hear the many featured guests!  Full details to be announced soon! See

Ironworld Polkafest ! June 24th-26, 2005,  
Chisholm, MN, three days of workshops, performances, 
and the AWAM Traveling Museum !!!

Click here for our Polkafest schedule 2005 (PDF)

May 16 & 17th, Monday & Tuesday, 2005 - Traveling Museum Display
Chicago Accordion Club (16th - Contact Person: Rolf Agner Phone: +1 847-683 2528) and Milwaukee Accordion Club (17th) !

 Friday, May 6, 4:30pm, 2005 - Wisconsin Public Radio plans to air "Around the Town" 
(simulcast in the Twin Ports on 91.3 and 89.9).  If you can, please listen to the program. 
 It is supposed to include recent interviews on the accordion museum and HARTS.

April 23rd - Saturday, 2005

 Florian Chmielewski ! ! !
Celebrates 60 years of accordion music...
"Across the Generations" 

Concerts at 1pm & 3pm are only $10 
Tickets are available in advance.
Tours of A World of Accordions Museum every half-hour from 10am to 5pm !
 Optional lunch, $6.00.  Door prizes and a raffle will round out this exciting event !

Click here for the full press release - PDF file

All proceeds to benefit " A World Of Accordions Museum "

Click here for a review of this event (PDF) !

April 3rd, Sunday, 2005 - Henry Doktorski

1pm Lecture & Demonstration - Vaudeville Accordion Music plus installation of Guido Deiro Accordions $10.00.
Doktorski will conduct a workshop and demonstrate the two historic accordions, and registrants will have the rare opportunity to hear and play these instruments. Doktorski said, "It is a real treat for me, as an envoy for the generous Count Guido Roberto Deiro and Sandra Deiro Cattani, to deliver these two historic instruments to A World of Accordions Museum, and present a workshop and recital featuring the music of the celebrated Deiro brothers. Guido and Pietro Deiro were two of America's greatest accordionists during their day, and these instruments are priceless relics from the Golden Age of the Accordion. They are quite different in many ways from modern accordions, but they also have their own unique charm and distinctive personality. Just look at the artistic decorations on the grill! In addition, the sound is not muted by a tone chamber, and the instruments project well in a large hall. I hope many accordionists will travel to Superior, Wisconsin, to take part in this important event."

Concert at 3pm - $15.00
Doktorski’s 3 p.m. recital at the Hanni Strahl Concert Hall on Sunday afternoon will feature original compositions of Guido and Pietro Deiro, and will include many of their celebrated marches, waltzes, polkas, tangos, foxtrots and overtures. He is intimately familiar with Guido Deiro's original compositions, as he recorded Guido Deiro’s complete works, Vaudeville Accordion Classics, a double CD set of which was released in November 2003 by Bridge Records. He is currently editing Guido Deiro’s complete works for publication by the music publishers Theodore Presser Company.
Click here to learn more about the two important Deiro accordions being donated
Click here for our Doktorski Press Release - PDF
Click here for more event information directly from Henry Doktorski's website

Viatcheslav Semyonov ( click here for press release- PDF ) performed in concert  March 19, 2005  ( click here for program - PDF ). It was a miraculous performance for an enthralled audience!  His "Divertimento" (commissioned by the American Accordionists' Association in honor of Faithe Deffner) is a superb piece in three movements that we believe will prove to be THE most important new composition for concert and competition stages, for piano accordions and button chromatic accordions alike. In response to the enthusiasm of the audience, and despite the lateness of the hour, Semyonov performed two encores: "Guilder Rose" and "Bulgarian Suite."

Because the concert was delayed in its starting hour (caused by those coordinating the artist's concert schedule) , students of Accordion Concertina Music Studios, taught by Helmi Harrington, Ph.D., performed as headliners to the Semyonov Concert, ahead of selected pieces from the repertory of Accordion Concertina Music Ensemble (Carolyn Carver, violin, and Helmi Harrington, accordions).  Gina Jennissen (Columbia Heights), Paul Vargason (Superior), Clare Hanson (Tofte), Benjamin Lang (Holman), Dan Turpening (Minneapolis), John Bispala (Minneapolis) also took part in the Master Class, which was a singularly fine event.
Semyonov's Special Sirius Pigini button chromatic is the single finest sounding instrument we have ever heard. Semyonov graciously explained construction improvements of his own design, and disassembled his accordion for our inspection. While most artists do not even allow a close-up look, Semyonov exhibited unusual security and understanding. This, together with his capacity for great composition, performance, and teaching, set him apart as a unique genius of our time. Many thanks from a grateful region for this extraordinary event.

February 18-20, 2005 - Accordion Tuning Workshop !   
( click here for details in PDF format )
No prior experience or skill is required.  Bring your project instrument (not your best if it's your first project) or
learn on one at ARTS.  Call / write for details and registration.  $200 per person.

Community Christmas Celebration 2004 !  Was December 5th, Sunday 2PM, 2004. 
We enjoyed wonderful music of the season from Carolyn Carver and her violin students, and 
Helmi Harrington and her accordion students ! 

Ruben Rodriguez y su Conjunto - Argentinean Chamame Music was presented in concert on September 27th, 2004, at 7:00 PM.
Concert attendees were treated to delightfully unique ethnic Argentinian music and dancing !

BATTLE OF THE ACCORDIONS ! A special performance Saturday August 14th, at the Pioneer Museum, 312 W San Antonio Street, Fredricksburg, Texas (830-997-2835).   6PM to 10PM.   Helmi presented an  ACCORDIONWORLD.ORG display appeared with her daughter, Hanni Van Zandt, and son, Charles Harrington, in an enjoyable Texas venue!
 Featuring...   The Strahl Music Trio   (Hanni Van Zandt, Charles Harrington, Krystal)...  plus Rolf and Franz.
and, of course...  Dr Helmi Harrington PhD,  and also...  Robert Atwood !

We were at Polkafest June 25th through 27th, 2004....
Celebrating Historic Legacies - Ironworld Discovery Center  (click for details - WORD document)

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful...

April 24-25, 2004

Special Performances by:
"Just Du-et" - Dee Langley & Greg Dagoumas 
"Newfoundland Irish" - Sue Spencer, Jim Ofsthun, & Llake McCorison
"Music from South America" - Jose Curbalo & Serglo Mansilla
"The Slovenian Touch" - Ronny Setniker with daughters Susan & Shelby
Minnesota Accordion Orchestra
Click here for details (WORD document)
Click here for the Daily Schedule of Grand ReOpening Events (WORD doc)

Other special events...

A Community Christmas Celebration was held December 7th, 2003, at 2pm.  We enjoyed wonderful music of the season from Carolyn Carver and her violin students, and Helmi Harrington and her accordion students.  We also had the opportunity to participate in Toys for Tots through the Bong Heritage Center.

Dee Langley and Greg Dagoumas played their accordions with great skill and sparkling enthusiasm  on Nov 2nd, 2003. Their repertoire included everything from waltzes, schottisches and polkas to classical music such as Mozart and Bach, with a splash of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in between!

The Original Nauheimer Dorfmusikanten played German Octoberfest here in Superior on Wednesday, September 24th, 2003!  The genuine German 12 piece band on its first American tour delighted us with their music, vocals, authentic costumes, and authentic German repertory and singing!

Stas Venglevski returned to our stage with his friend John Simkus in a dazzling “explosion” of virtuoso duets Sunday, May 4th at 2:00 PM.  Stas is a former student of Friedrich Lips (Moscow).  He performed here in 2002 with Lips and is one of the USA's foremost concert artists.  John Simkus is a Chicago native who specializes in jazz and contemporary improvisatory music. Stas and John concluded a national tour that brought rave reviews.

Noted accordionist DICK REES performed Old Style & Traditional Music here on 3-22-03.

Noted classical accordionist Joanna Arnold-Darrow of Westmont, New Jersey and the Accordion Concertina Music Ensemble (Carolyn Carver, Lynda Griffith and Helmi Harrington) shared the concert stage at Harrington ARTS Center on Sunday afternoon, Nov 10th, 2002, at 2:00 p.m.

Friedrich Lips (Moscow) and Stas Venglevski (Milwaukee)… Workshop 10 AM and Concert 2 PM Sunday, September 22nd, 2002.  It was a tremendous performance!  Click here to see poster.

Ingrid Kvale (Norway)…August 4, 2002

The "K" Trio (Connecticut) Performed a wonderful Seminar & Concert here on July 17th, 2002 !

Last Special Exhibit...

Charles Magnante: America’s Great Accordionist (July through September, 2002)


*** Accordion history & performance workshop notice for CTAA (future ones may be similar) 

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